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Why did my transaction fail?
If you can't check the order transaction, you can contact our customer to help you.
Does the cashier have a floating amount and floating range?
The exchange rate follows the market price to float, there is no fixed range if the merchant wants to float on the basis of the market price, the system can also support the setting of the float factor, the float value can be absorbed by the merchant in the end.
Which bitcoin wallet do you recommend?
Hello you can use metamask and other wallets outside, you can also try to use HamBit self-developed wallet HamBit payment business of digital asset wallet, mainly for the C-user to provide crypto asset storage and derivative services, aimed at building a truly free and open crypto asset circulation platform. In addition to supporting wallet users to make commission-free payments to payment merchants, the Hamburg wallet will carry the crypto digital asset storage and circulation functions of traditional digital wallets, DAPP aggregation portal, and one-stop trading functions for multi- chain assets, and will also integrate NFT digital asset storage and circulation, official platform token and related services to provide users with digital asset ID cards in the web3.0 era.
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