Our Strengths
Easy sign up, unlock global cryptocurrency payment network
Account set up in a few minutes Sending, receiving, and saving cryptocurrencies globally.
High efficient payment management
Instant payment batch handling Higher efficiency, transparency and accuracy.
Reliable system, risk free
Secured by world's first AI anti-fraud and risk management system, based on NLP natural language processing algorithm. Supported by the world's most powerful cloud computing platform.
Cost effective and more
We offer competitive rates and special deals.
How to trade
Quick trade in a few steps
Step 1: Create an Exchange Order
With the most appropriate price, matching the best merchants, real-time trading of stablecoins.
Step 2: Choose a payment method
At HamBit, you can buy and sell USDT, USDC, and other through over 150 payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, etc.
Step 3: Transaction completed
The world's first artificial intelligence anti-fraud and risk control system, based on NLP natural language processing algorithm, cooperates with the world's most powerful cloud computing platform to provide safe and stable transaction protection for your transactions.
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Node Partner
Join the global node network to grow our community. Contribute to unprecedented freedom and flexibility in payments around the world. Let people of different nationality, color, gender, religion can enjoy the convenience of crypto payment, become a bridge between them and the web3 world.
Instant Cryptocurrency Purchase System
Independent OTC market
User-friendly, easy to get started
Complete view of transaction history
Instant purchase, instant top up
Management System
A powerful backend management system to help merchants manage transactions efficiently
Crypto quantity, fiat amount, time, status
Crypto quantity, fiat amount, confirmation time, status
Withdrawal list, amount, status, arrival time
Transfer list, amount, status, arrival time
Users Management
Flexible creation of staff roles and permissions
API Solutions
Quickly implement cryptocurrency & fiat transactions with the help of Hambit API.
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