Cross-border collection, worry-free payment
You only need a few minutes to set up
Sending, receiving, and saving cryptocurrencies enabled globally
Block transfer to improve payment efficiency
Initiate payment from anywhere in the world
and it only takes a few minutes to complete the account
Stable system, security support
Easy API connection
to realize aggregated payment
Inexpensive and efficient
Say goodbye to expensive handling fees and stifling timelines
How to redeem
A few easy steps to achieve quick redemption
Step 1: Create an Exchange Order
According to the most suitable price, match the best merchants, and buy and sell stable currency assets in real time.
Step 2: Choose a payment method
At HamBit, you can buy and sell USDT, USDC, and other stable currencies through over 150 payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, etc.
Step 3: Transaction Security
The world's first artificial intelligence anti-fraud and risk control system, based on NLP natural language processing algorithm, cooperates with the world's most powerful cloud computing platform to provide safe and stable transaction protection for your transactions.
Get start
Node Partner
Join the global node network, cooperate with license companies in different countries around the world, serve customers in different regions in the most compliant way, ensure asset security, and create maximum value for node partners
HamBit Merchant Program
0 fee for advertising
There are more than 10,000 operators around the world, posting buy or sell requests with ultra-low handling fees.
High Net Worth Authority
HamBit operators enjoy high net worth rights, ultra-low handling fees, efficient transactions, and timely communication around the world.
7x24 hours customer service
Operators enjoy exclusive customer service, and 24-hour global customer service can solve order problems for you.
Plugin Support
Hambit provides solutions and maintains plugins for many e-commerce
Ecological Partner
Hambit ecological partner:imToken、Binance pay、Shopyy、WordPress...